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Real Client Testimonials

I started working with John in a gym in Broadview Heights in September 2009, and after the first session, I was hooked. When I originally heard about him it sounded like exactly what I needed in order to reach my fitness goals and become a better athlete. Since starting I have gotten stronger and increased my endurance. He incorporates all different types of movements into one amazing workout. Since I started I have also noticed a significant increase in my overall fitness. From kettlebells to jump rope, deadlifts to overhead squats, and everything in between you never knows what concoction of exercises they will have in store for you! Not to mention how motivating he is during every workout.

Dan D. , Client of 6 years, former Junior Olympian, and holder of a Taekwondo Black Belt

I have trained with John for 18 years. John is the consummate professional fitness trainer. He has the knowledge and ability to work with clients at every fitness level. He listens to goals and expectations while always placing safety as a priority. I would highly recommend John to anyone seeking quality personal training.

Neil K., successful area dentist and client of 18 years

At age 56 I felt that I needed to do something to get back into shape. I then found Personal Trainer John Scardino. I have been working out with John for the last 4 years and I am in better shape than I was when I was 40.  John is extremely talented and provides great motivation (which I need). I still hate going to the gym but I love coming home. The best feeling is the day after the workout. John targets different parts of the body each week. When I feel the burn the day after I am so glad that I went to the gym.  I think that the most valuable thing that John does for me is that he makes sure I work out in a controlled and safe manner. He makes certain that all motions that I do are done in a safe manner. If I start to get sloppy on anything he stops me, has a discussion with me to explain what I am doing wrong and then corrects the motion. I feel entirely safe in John’s hands.  John knows that I love golf and one of the things he does is open my hips which has dramatically improved my game. I am hitting the ball further than I did when I was 40. Simply put, John will improve your life.

Frank A., Broadview Heights businessman and client of 6 years

Get in Shape Now with One of Cleveland, Ohio’s Premier Personal Trainers located conveniently in Broadview Heights, Ohio.

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